Mission, Vision & Objectives

Vision Statement

The challenge for our community is to foster in our students an international perspective and a capacity for individual growth, with the ability to apply knowledge and adapt skills in our rapidly changing world.

Mission Statement

At SEK Bucharest International School, our mission is to enable our students to develop international mindedness, which in turn will allow them to become compassionate and active citizens locally, nationally and globally.

We focus on each student as an individual, supporting their achievement in every aspect of learning and enabling them to reach the highest of academic standards. We develop their creativity and support their growing independence to have the courage to act on their beliefs.

Our multilingual environment fosters the belief that in our differences, we all have similarities and that striving to communicate allows us to achieve all our other aims.

Core objectives

To achieve its mission, SEK International Bucharest is committed to:

Developing High Educational Standards: we work toward the constant improvement of both instructional programs and methodology, holding ourselves to the highest international benchmarks.

Nurturing an International Approach: we embrace diversity, integration and coexistence by working together toward understanding.

Fostering Character Development: we encourage one another to think critically, work collaboratively and independently while acting responsibly and with sincerity to fulfil our greatest potential and become life-long learners.

Encouraging Academic Curiosity: we challenge one another to actively engage the problems confronting us using the creativity and skills necessary for success in our world.

Building Community Ideals: we cultivate a tangible sense of civic and environmental responsibility rooted in communal spirit, meaningful dialogue and a strong sense of identity.

IES Academic Vision

IES schools/School name deliver a rigorous skills-based curriculum through relevant and real-life challenges that have meaning to learners and encourages them to take responsible action from what they have learned.

Our student-centred approach allows students to build on previous learning and to demonstrate this in a variety of ways which ensures personal success for each learner.

IES graduates are confident and independent creative problem-solvers with a passion for learning. They are empathetic, open minded and resolute; appreciate their own culture and respect the cultures of others.

They are future-ready global citizens who are prepared for the real world and want to make a difference.

Sapientia Quod Faciendum Faciam

Do what you must with wisdom