Each year, on October 5th, our school celebrates International Teachers’ Day with great enthusiasm and appreciation for our dedicated educators.

International Teachers’ Day, also known as International Education Day, reinforces the importance of education and the deep connections formed between teachers and their students. The day is marked by a heartfelt gesture in the form of a symbolic package given to our teachers who are rewarded with a well-deserved day off to relax and rejuvenate (National Holiday).

On the last week of October, SEK Bucharest embraces the Halloween spirit with a lively celebration which had successfully combined creativity, education and community.

Students dazzle in creative costumes, transforming the school into a vibrant showcase of characters. Prizes are awarded to the most creative and authentic students who truly embody their characters.

The pumpkin carving contest showcases students’ creativity as they present their carved wonders to the most exigent judges – their teachers! The courtyard is transformed into a pumpkin patch of artistic marvels.

The party schedule is completed with a science lab show, intriguing experiments and lots of wizardry activities, blending education with the magic of Halloween leaving everyone both entertained and enlightened.

On 12th of October SEK Bucharest International School is thrilled to celebrate a special day: the National Day of Spain!

  • Dress to Impress: On this special day, students and staff were encouraged to wear red and yellow outfits, the colors of the Spanish flag, to help capture the essence of Spain. It is a visual feast of color that highlights the Spanish spirit.
  • Spanish Beats: Our school comes alive with the rhythms of Spanish music. Children are invited to Flamenco dance performances that showcase the soul of Spain. It is a chance for our students to immerse themselves in the beauty of the Spanish culture.
  • Sweet Treats: What’s a celebration without delectable treats? We are excited to serve the beloved Spanish dessert, churros! These delightful, golden sticks of dough, paired with rich chocolate sauce, transported us to the streets of Spain.

The National Spanish Day at SEK Bucharest International School is always a day filled with excitement, rhythm, and, of course, fantastic flavors.

In a splendid display of cultural richness and unity, our school celebrates the National Day of Romania on December 1st with a traditional festivity that leaves a lasting impression on students, teacers, staff, and parents alike.

The day is filled with a burst of creativity as students engage in artisanal arts and crafts activities, creating tricolor displays that echo the vibrant spirit of Romanian culture.

One of the highlights of the celebration is the mesmerizing traditional dancing performances. The dancers skillfully brings to life the essence of Romanian culture throught traditional dances that echoed the country’s rich history.

Adding to the cultural spectacle is the presentation of the iconic Romanian blouse, known as “ie”. Students proudly wears it as a symbol of national pride, further enriching the celebration with a sense of identity and tradition.

The National Day of Romania is not only commemorated but also celebrated with the enthusiasm and joy that comes from embracing one’s cultural roots. The memories created on this special day undoubtedly linger in the hearts and minds of our school community.

The Winter Concert is an enchanting evening filled with festive cheer, delightful performances by our talented students, and various activities that are captured each year in the last week of school before the winter holiday. It is an excellent opportunity for our school community to come together, share in the warmth of the holidays, and create lasting memories.

Surrounded by parents, with special guests Santa Claus and Olaf, our children perform amazingly on the Instituto Cervantes Auditorium Stage each year, helping us all get into the holiday spirit. From guitar and piano performances to amazing singing, dancing and theatre performances, SEK Bucharest students truly enjoy the experience of being on stage.

One thing is for sure: there is never a dull moment at SEK Bucharest International School! We constantly come up with interactive, motivating activities in order to create great memories and, most importantly, ensure that our children have fun while learning.

One of such activities is the Summer Festival, an event organised in the last Module of School, at the Auditorium of our dear collaborator,  the Cervantes Institute of Bucharest. You may be wondering about the importance of such an event in the development of our students. Organizing and participating in festivals teaches children, among many aspects, to work as a team, to discover their talents, to overcome stage fright. Thanks to our amazing students and teachers, rehearsals are always amazing and fun, and the final performance is a true success!

Childhood, sweet childhood!

It’s wonderful to be a child. As adults, due to stress and worry, we sometimes forget how to enjoy life and the simple things that make our soul happy. Children remind us of taking joy in every details and through them we stay young, full of life and for a few moments we forget all the challenges that surround us.

On the occasion of this wonderful holiday, each year on June 1st at SEK Bucharest we organize a little surprise party for our students.

Sunshine, warmth, colourful balloons, outdoor activities, music, lots of smiles and laughter, a successful day and a very pleasant way to celebrate childhood.

On 21st of November, each year, our students explore the magic of broadcasting, in honor of the International Day of Television.

Surrounded by the hum of professional cameras and the crisp clarity of studio microphones, our students got a taste of the behind-the-scenes world of broadcasting right into the heart of the action at the TVR studios! From witnessing live broadcasts to learning about the intricacies of production, it was an eye-opening experience that sparks their curiosity and creativity!

Back at school, the little ones has a blast too, immersing themselves in a mini television studio setup. The excitement is palpable as they took turns being the anchors, directors, and camera operators—nurturing the next generation of media industry enthusiasts!

At SEK Bucharest International School, Crazy Hairstyles Day is a yearly explosion of color, creativity, and pure fun. Students, teachers, and staff ditch their usual hairstyles for a day of wild and wacky creations, turning the school into a vibrant canvas of self-expression.

The event goes beyond visual spectacle; it’s a celebration of individuality and unity as students plan and execute their unique hairstyles. Teachers join in, showing that learning can be both educational and entertaining.

Crazy Hairstyles Day isn’t just about the hairstyles; it’s a testament to the school’s commitment to holistic education. The day includes fun activities and symbolic competitions, turning the event into a friendly yet spirited celebration.

In the end, Crazy Hairstyles Day at SEK Bucharest International School is a reminder to embrace uniqueness and creativity.

The heartwarming celebration that echoes the spirit of generosity and goodwill, St. Nicholas Day brings joy and excitement to the students at SEK Bucharest International School each year on December 6th. The festive atmosphere, filled with anticipation, unfoldes as St. Nicholas, the legendary figure known for his kindness, mysteriously visits the school to share gifts and spread cheer.

St. Nicholas Day at SEK Bucharest International School is not just about receiving gifts; it is a celebration of the warmth and giving that defines our school community.

The “Carnaval” (Spanish word) is a vibrant celebration across Spanish-speaking countries. From Rio’s samba parades to Trinidad’s multicultural revelry and Spain’s flamboyant masquerades, each location adds its unique flair to this pre-Lenten festival. With colorful costumes, lively music, and joyful street parties, Carnival unites communities in a spirited celebration of culture and tradition.

Carnaval Day at SEK Bucharest was full of fun and color! Students and teachers came dressed in funny costumes and participated in parades and costume contests. Prizes were awarded for the most original and creative costumes. It was a day of joy and positive energy for the entire school community!

Valentine’s Day, alternatively known as Saint Valentine’s Day, is observed each year on February 14th. Its roots lie in a Christian commemoration dedicated to a martyr named Valentine, but over time, it has evolved into a widely recognized cultural, religious, and commercial occasion celebrating romance and love across various parts of the globe, influenced by folk traditions.

At SEK February 14th isn’t just about romance… we celebrate “Love Friendship!” Day. Laughter fills the halls as students exchange cards and treats, celebrating the bonds they share. From heartfelt gestures in class to lively activities with friends, the day is a joyful reminder of the importance of companionship and kindness in our school community.